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I am currently on extended family leave and will not be booking any sessions for 2012. I will be coming back and will continue updating the blog with personal/family photos. Please check back to see when I will be taking appointments again.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Thanks so much for your support!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Staying a "Momtographer"

I just wanted to announce it officially on here that I am still going be taking more time off.  I really planned on beginning to accept appointments again this summer, but I did a couple of sessions and realized that it is just not going to work yet.  I like to be able to give my clients my best, and I just can't give both my family and my clients my best right now.  These little ones need me, and I need some sleep, so I shall remain the official momtographer to my four munchkins for the time being.
I will pop in here and post photos when I get the chance.  So many to share!
My little baby (who in my plans was going to stay a baby forever) started walking this month.  The time just flies!



From many moons ago, this adorable guy was 6 months here!  Love those deep, brown eyes!